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    We saw that we were in istanbul and it was strolling. Here we have the Hippodrome in the Sultanahmet area. Here, 2 obelisks brought from Egypt which is very beautiful, a serpent with snakes and a German fountain were built during Sultan Abdulhamit period. The oldest buildings in Istanbul are...

  • Private istanbul tours , istanbul tours

    In the city of Canakkale, there are 2 sections. GAllipoli, which distinguishes Canakkale from others, is located in the most beautiful part of the city. We were with the Private Mercedes Vito car to reach Gallipoli. There is a very big statue here and it was made in memory of the Turkish...

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    During the excursion with istanbul, first of all, the most important buildings made during the time of the Ottoman Empire are all located in sultanahmet region. Beside these, there were constructions built in the Byzantine Empire. It should be remembered that the people of Halkedoon were first...